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I like a good 'ship, a good character, and a good drink.

This will be fun.


NCIS 6X01 “Last Man Standing”

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Amalfi, Italy

Tony & Ziva AU ⇉ In which Tony is a cop and Ziva is a dancer. They frequently bump into each other on their morning coffee run and Tony eventually asks her if she’d like to meet for lunch. They hit it off immediately and soon enough their individual coffee runs merge into one.

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Oh, really? Normally I’m not a fan of a movie clearly changing something in the book, but I think in this case, I might be okay with it. I just wanted an ending intense as the rest of the book.

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Yes! The ending just left me sitting there, like that’s it?! I mean it’s a really good book, and maybe she just wanted the audience to use their imaginations, but I wish it had a bit more. But now I’m even more excited to see the movie.

That’s good to hear! It seems like it’ll be different from a lot of what I read, so that’ll be good.

I just finished Gone Girl

And now I’m feeling very conflicted.


Kill Ari (1)

Favorite Tony and Ziva Scenes Jurisdiction 7.18 

   ↳ “Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?”