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It's a hot, multi-fandom mess.

I like a good 'ship, a good character, and a good drink.

This will be fun.

Yeah, and the chemistry is still there, which also adds to it. And I’m really excited to see Ben and Rider as Cory and Shawn again because I love those two at least as much as I love Cory and Topanga. Haha

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Agreed. I also think that the while they know there will be BMW fans tuning in, the main audience is not people in their twenties and older. Lol.

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The one that just aired, the fourth one I think, is my favorite so far. I mean, it’s obviously such a Disney show, but I’m enjoying it. They’re a cute little family. And I’m really looking forward to all the BMW guest appearances.

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I just re-watched the last few seasons of Boy Meets World and now I’m back to re-watching the first season and it’s so weird and I’ve also been watching Girl Meets World (obviously) and they’re such babies in the first season and now they have babies and I just really love this series lots.


the west wing

season 1, episode 8: enemies


Cobie is perfection.

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