Anything Tiffany’s under 220 is totally reasonable. My future fiancé doesn’t know it- but my ring will be Tiffany’s. There’s no choice.

Right? But I feel like since I just bought one, I should wait a little while. But it could also be an early birthday gift to myself, sooooo.

Same! That is absolutely happening.

You know what? Break’s over.

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She doesn’t look where she’s going. Her eyes flit between words on the page and cracks on the concrete as she steps, absorbed. Someone brushes past her in a thick coat, apologising in a low voice, and somewhere in her brain it registers that she’s cold. Only having returned to France again yesterday, her recent treks round the Middle East make the dreary Paris day seem even cooler. She pulls her coat tighter round her middle.

The book seems to blur, words merging before her as her many thoughts rear their heads again. It’s her first day back and though she’s lived here for a while now, the immediate return to the sights, the sounds, makes her heart skip a beat. She’s thinking of calling him.

The sky begins to cloud over again as the chapter starts wrapping up, and she’s on the last line when another person walks right into her, the force sending her book flying and landing feet away. She turns on the figure instantly but he’s already apologising.

"Oh god I’m so sorry, Pardon, I—”

"Hey! Attention, look—”

They trail off at the same time. Her heart races.

He looks stunned and she bets she looks pretty similar, too.

"Hello, Tony."

Another passing pedestrian makes her stumble a step closer to him, and he clears his throat.

"What, um, what are you doing here?"

She smiles but all she can feel is shame and embarrassment rising in her chest.
"I live here. In Paris."

Tony releases a heavy breath and answers her silent query.
"I took some comp time. I booked the ticket here without even thinking."

His eyes look teary and it steals her breath. This is what she has become; this is what she does.
Instead of yelling, though, he moves so he’s right in front of her, chest almost pressed up against hers.

"I got two weeks." he murmurs, ghosting a hand over her arm.

Her jaw drops against its will.

He pulls her into a hug and presses his face into her neck without much warning, and before she can react he’s pulled back. He just slips his arm through hers and grins.

"Well, could you give me a tour?"

She laughs, tugging him away from the busy street.

It’s only when they walk into her apartment that she realises they left the book behind, sitting splayed out on the sidewalk with a few pages torn, she’s sure. She doesn’t care. Whatever ending they come up with, will be far better.

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you can do gibbs paperwork. it was your fault we were late.

if i recall correctly, you were the one that assaulted me in the shower this morning.

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I’m sorry, was that rude?